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Our Services

Go To Market Strategy

Expertise in formulating strategy by identifying target markets, customer cohorts, brand positioning, defining the USP, Identify distribution channels & build financial model

Market Entry

Drive a winning market entry strategy by researching the market, competitors performance indicators, customer behavior, mode of entry, setting clear phase wise goals

Market Intelligence & Update

Offers pricing strategy, competition benchmarking research services on industries, companies and economy across the globe. Refer to our trending reports for more information.

Subscription Service

Gain access to our premium reports on pay per view basis including reports of other contributors at a competitive price.

Survey Analysis

Host an in-house B2B and B2C behavioral/ paradigm, customer/ employee/ supplier journey and satisfaction, or Net Promoter Score surveys.

Lead Generation

Become an extended part of Clients team to assist them in inbound and outbound quality leads. Building ecosystem relationship for marketplace, inventory led and Hub-spoke models

Transaction Support

Curate a pitch, IM/ memo/ valuation model/ financial and business model for fund raising, debt deals or for strategic sale or acquisitions.

Recruitment Services

Consultancy in offering inbound and outbound HR Solutions, including On the Job Training, campus recruitment solutions and payroll outsourcing.

Due Diligence

Assists clients in commercial and financial due diligence process on well curated checklist. Assist in vendor selection. Identify potential business, product and clients’ risk.

Why Ken Research?

We identify Disrupting Business Models, Revenue Streams with Success and Failure Case Studies, Due Diligence, Entry Strategy, Pain Points, Gap Analysis, Investment Plant Model

In depth report analysis covering 150+ datapoints

Experienced Analysts and Network Panel of 5000+ Industry Veterans

We differentiate between Opinions and Facts around the Sector

Accurate Research Facts, comprehensible Definition, Transparent Limitation and Scenario Based Forecasting Models

24X7 Analyst Support

What Our Clients Say About Us

Industry Speak

How We Serve Our Clients Better

  • Our researchers seek opinion and facts from 25,000+ research journals, annual reports, news articles, white papers, conference presentation, government reports and custom databank.
  • We access 150+ paid data sources to get accurate and authentic statistics. Over 65+ publishers contribute business intelligence on our panel.
  • We use Sensitivity, Scenario analysis, Multi-Factor Regression Analysis backed by industry leaders’ opinion polls to provide the future forecast
  • We don’t just provide Research but advice on how to Operationalize Business Model by connecting to Right Vendors, KOLs.
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